The true story of my first tragic expedition to the former USSR in 1993.

Jagged Red LineThe Soviet Union collapsed. I threw myself into its chaos for the sake of adventure and survived a nightmare beyond my imagination. This was a story I could not tell, but keeping it secret paralysed me. For 19 years the events of one long summer haunted my waking hours, while the horror nagged at my subconscious. Slowly, I came round to the idea that writing it down might be the only way out…

Jagged Red Line is set in the former USSR in 1993. A British student with a passion for climbing meets like-minded locals. They plan an expedition, not caring that the infrastructure is broken and there are rumours of war – the steep north faces of the Caucasus are calling. The trip is everything it was promised to be until someone makes a mistake. Suddenly, life will never be the same again. Read the first two pages now

‘A terrific book. Congratulations’ Ed Douglas, Summit

‘Fantastic and extremely brave’ Scotland Outdoors Magazine

‘A must read… an amazing book’ Alpinist Jon Bracey

June 4th, 2013

‘This was a truly emotional read, well written. I felt as though I almost knew all his friends. I could not put this down… they lived the dream.’
Amazon 5-star review

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